WELCOME TO FEELING BETTER in Berlin! Stress, conflicts, burnout…

Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (Registered German Naturopath) and coach



How could you benefit from counselling?

 Hallo, my name is Jacqueline Hollander and you will be able to get help if you are suffering from:

stress, conflicts, phobia, fear,  anxiety,  trauma, burnout  – or perhaps you would just like to sleep better.

Many of my clients already feel more relaxed, anxiety-free and happy after as few as 2-5 counselling sessions, some after only a single session.


If you feel that private counselling could help you, please write to me at: jacqueline.hollander(at)t-online.de or the contact address. Alternatively, simply give me a call at any time between 8 am  – 7 pm from Monday to Friday  030-7875501.

Take this opportunity to invest in yourself and your own well-being.  I will do my best to arrange an appointment for you very quickly.

Please note that this is not a substitute for conditions requiring medical treatment.

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Jacqueline Hollander

Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (Registered German Naturopath) and coach


My methods includes  Tapping/EFT* EFT/Klopfakupressur  , Emo/EmoTrance, BSFF, Mmindfulness, EMDR and Hypnosis.

Disclaimer In German – In Deutsch:

  • Die hier angewandte EFT* basierte Klopfakupressur orientiert sich weder an dem „Official EFT“/Optimal EFT“ von Gary Craig noch gibt sie dessen Inhalte wieder, sondern meine/unsere persönliche Sicht und Erfahrungen sowie das Verständnis von und mit der Arbeit mit der Klopfakupressur.

*EFT = Emoitional Freedom Techniques, Begründer Gary Craig

*EFT = Emotinal Freedom Techniques, founder Gary Craig