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Jacqueline Hollander
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Stress/anxiety – EFT/EMDR –  feeling better




Hallo, my name is Jacqueline Hollander, coach and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (Registered German Naturopath) here in Berlin. Is this something that concerns you?

  • stress
  • fear, anxiety, panic; maybe you are stuck in a vicious cirkle?
  • Guilt and shame; Do you experience self-contempt and / or feelings of shame?
  • conflicts; You are in the middle of a conflict, either privately, or for example within the family or at work?
  • phobia; Social Phobia, are you afraid if you are supposed to speak in front of a lot of people? Can be social phobia.
  • traumatic experiences that bring stress to your life; They may make you sad, angry, nervous. Sometimes it’s also about things/ events you don’t really remember, or you may have no words for what’s happened or what you feel?
  • burnout, burnout prophylaxis; Do you suffer from occupational overload?
  • psychosomatic disorders, sometimes pain can be relieved



  • Boundaries; Do you want to be able to set better boundaries
  • To solve blockades; Perhaps you have to write a test for example or learn a new language?    

I would be happy to support you.

How could you benefit from consulting?
Many of my clients already feel more relaxed, anxiety-free and happy after as few as 2 – 5 counselling sessions, some after only a single session.

 If you feel that private counselling could help you,
please write to me at: jacqueline.hollander(at)t-online.de or the
contact address. Alternatively, simply give me a call at any time between 8 am  – 7 pm from Monday to Friday  030-7875501.

Take this opportunity to invest in yourself and your own well-being.  I will do my best to arrange an appointment for you as soon as possible, you can mostly have an appointment within a few days (or 1- 2 weeks).

Can i rely on your professional confidentiality?
Yes, I am obliged to discretion.

Please note that this is not a substitute for conditions requiring medical treatment.

EFT 7.3.2015 BildMy methods
Tapping/EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), EFT Matrix Reimprinting, EMDR, differnt personalities (Ego State Therapy, inner child ), BSFF (Be Set Free Fast), Hypnosis,  TTT Trauma Tapping Technique… all of this are methods coping with stress situations, fear, sadness, anger and/or mental blocks.
EFT can also be used as a self-help method.

Therapist and teacher in Verband für Klopfakupressur e.V., former EFT*-D.A.CH-Verband
Master Practitioner in GoE (Guild of Energists) former The AMT (The Association For Meridian & Energy Therapies), contains EFT…
EFT Certified Practitioner in EFT International, EFTi former AAMET
Member of EFT and Mindfulness

Welcome, Jacqueline Hollander